Recent Work

Below is a gallery of our recent work and projects.  Click through for more information and pictures on each job.

Tilled Roof Restoration in Stages

Step 1. This is the roof in its original state (before the restoration). It shows the ridge capping in poor repair.

Step 2. Re-bedded with new sand & cement mix.

Step 3. The […]

Iron Roof Restoration

Before and After images of a House in Largs Bay, where the team at Ultimate Roofing and Guttering completed an Iron Roof Restoration which included painting the roof a completely […]

Partial Re-Roof

This is a recent project where part of a roof required fixing. In this instance a total Roof Restoration was not required.

Tile to COLORBOND® Roof Conversion

This project shows before and after photos of a Tile to COLORBOND® Roof Conversion, completed by the team at Ultimate Roofing & Guttering at Plympton South Australia.