Ultimate Roofing & Guttering have focussed on implementing processes to protect our Environment and promote Sustainability.

Our undertaking to promote Energy Saving options for our customers is the first priority of our Environmental and Sustainability focus.

Long Term Energy Cost Savings

A Roof is generally considered to be around one third of a building’s energy loss. Eco Gutter and Roofing processes are therefore not only an Environmental & Sustainability option but also a long-term Energy Cost Saving for our customers.

Eco Gutter and Roofing Options

Ultimate Roofing & Guttering’s program to focus on Eco Gutter and Roofing options are summarised as follows.

  • A Roof Replacement or Re-Roof from tiles to ColorBond Steel provides a thermally efficient upgrade option which can be further enhanced via colour selection towards the lighter options offered by BlueScope Steel.
  • The addition of high-quality insulation again provides further Environmental & Sustainability gains via Energy Savings.
  • Ultimate Roofing & Guttering recommends Australian Made Air-Cell under roof sheet insulation as a premium insulation option. The energy efficiency of this insulation is enhanced when used in conjunction with ceiling insulation. By combining these two insulation options a high-performance result in energy savings is assured.
    Air-Cell Insulbreak insulation is not only Strong, Tuff and Durable it also provides both a Vapour and Insect Barrier and is resistant to Water and Rodents. For full specification click this link AIR-CELL Insulbreak | Kingspan | Australia.
    Other insulation options including Builders Blanket or Sisalation Sarking are also available via Ultimate Roofing & Guttering.
  • Recycling of Materials and Packaging has also been a major program component of Ultimate Roofing & Guttering’s Environment & Sustainability focus.
  • Ultimate Roofing and Guttering have undertaken specific disciplines and work practices to ensure the amount of these materials that goes to landfill is minimised as follows.
    • Steel Materials removed from the job including off cuts are recycled
    • Non-Ferrous Metals are recycled
    • Soft Plastics are separated and recycled
    • Cardboard is separated and recycled
    • Timber were possible is separated and re purposed
    • Masonry Products, tiles etc are separated and recycled.
  • Future focus to extend this program will include the recycling of Hard Plastics. I.e., PVC.
    While the sorting of these materials adds cost, we are able to partially reduce our cost of dumping via the volume reduction these processes achieve.
    Ultimate Roofing and Guttering offer our customers Solar Power Systems installation. This can be both a cost and convenience saving particularly if undertaken at the time of a Re-Roof.

The long-term Energy Cost Saving of a Solar Power Installation is well established and the reduction in Carbon Footprint enhances our focus on providing Eco Gutter and Roofing Environmentally Sustainable options to our customers.

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