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Your Leading Roof Replacement Experts in Adelaide

Ultimate Roofing and Guttering has been family-owned and operated for the past 15 years that we have been in business in South Australia.  We have 30 years of trade experience and are licensed BlueScope Steel installers, taking pride in our installations of high-end BlueScope Steel roofing products and other Australian products.

Our premium roof replacement services in Adelaide give you a longer-lasting, high quality new roof which is second to none.  

We offer roof replacements for iron, tiled and asbestos roofs, as well as complementary roofing profiles and thermal improvement products for effective and long-lasting protection. This includes COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel heat reflective roof sheeting, roofing insulations, solar-powered roof vents and a wide range of solar powered systems.

To start your roof replacement journey/project, contact us via our office number on 8449 3230 or our email

When to Carry Out a Roof Replacement

Roofs can be damaged due to age, weather and trade foot traffic. Sometimes, they have just not been installed properly from day one. We often find that we receive enquiries about roof replacement when a customer has had above roof services fitted to an old roof and now faces roof leaks.

Age of the Roof

Before having above roof services installed, it is a good idea to consider roof replacement for the long term, especially if the roof is old. You can contact Ultimate Roofing and Guttering for a roof inspection, and we can come out and inspect your roof and guide you through an honest professional opinion. 

A lot of roofs can become money pits when repair work becomes more frequent, which can make roof replacement a proactive investment. However, roof replacement can be quite an expensive undertaking, so our motto is ‘do it once, do it right’ for your peace of mind.

Installing Roof Products

We will also inspect your roof frame if you are considering roof replacement for the purpose of solar panel systems or above roof services as old age homes are typically not designed for these.

At Ultimate Roofing and Guttering, we can strengthen conventional roof frames to suit your roof services during the roof replacement process. We can also install the appropriate products to suit your roof pitch as modern materials and profiles are available for these needs.

Roof Replacement in Winter

Roof replacement can be undertaken at any time of the year depending on the weather and job planning, but it is a bit harder in winter and may take a little longer. We watch weather reports and stations regularly and have procedures in place to deal with the weather by waterproofing as we undertake your roof replacement.

Why carry out roof replacement in winter? Some roofs cannot wait until warmer and drier weather as they are not capable of lasting the winter; in other words, emergency roof replacement is predominantly winter roofing.

Ultimate Roof Replacement Adelaide

The Benefits of a Roof Replacement

Enhances Safety

Eliminates risks like leaks and mould for better home safety.

Increases Property Value

A new roof can significantly raise your home’s market value.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Modern materials help maintain indoor temperature, reducing energy costs.

Boosts Kerb Appeal

Upgrades your home’s appearance with various style options.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

New roofs require less upkeep, saving you time and money.

Offers Warranty Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with coverage for potential issues.

Improves Weather Resistance

Provides stronger protection against severe weather.

Resolves Existing Issues

Addresses any ongoing problems with the old roof, from leaks to mould and beyond.

Quoting Procedures for Your Roof Replacement

All homes are not the same and are built in different eras, so over-the-phone or online quotes are good if you are not sure how much a roof replacement typically costs, but they are estimations only. We prefer to schedule an on-site consult with the property owners for an inspection, which allows us to provide a highly detailed and personalised quote that is less likely to produce variations during the roof replacement process. 

We pride ourselves on having no pressure sales tactics and providing thorough, highly detailed quotes. During our quoting procedure, our family-friendly staff will guide you every step of the way from our first over-the-phone consult or web enquiry to our on-site meeting and inspection.

In the process, you will meet with Jason Houston, the Managing Director of Ultimate Roofing and Guttering, who will inspect your roof and help you through the product selection process. Jason has 25 years of trade experience in the roofing industry and has worked on every era of home, domestically and commercially. He oversees all our roof replacement undertakings to give us the highest level of quality control. 

After Jason has inspected your roof and gone through the product selection with you, we will then put together your highly detailed quote for your review.

Types of Roof Replacements

When it comes to replacing your old iron roof, one of our experienced staff members can provide a thorough roof inspection and give you an honest opinion on the scale of works that need to be undertaken.  

During the quoting process, Jason will recommend products such as Bluescope Steel roofing and guttering profiles, thermal roofing insulations and solar-powered ventilation systems to suit your home and requirements. These products can differ depending on the era and design of your home, which will be discussed on-site in depth along with colour suggestions for your home.

Converting your tiled roof to COLORBOND® has many benefits when it comes to weight reduction, longevity, above roof services, waterproofing, climate control and affordability.

Reduced Weight

Converting your tiled roof to COLORBOND® will significantly reduce the weight on your roof frame and release the stress on the timber. This lowers the chances of splitting and movement, thus extending the lifespan of your roof frame.

Extended Longevity

While BlueScope Steel warranties go up to 45 years for a COLORBOND® roof, we believe this is a conservative figure. Besides the roofing material, factors such as the skill of the installer, the weather conditions that your home experiences and the suitability of the installation material can extend the life of your roof if properly accounted for.

With our experience in installing COLORBOND® roofs, we expect to – in most cases – double the life of the warranty period that BlueScope Steel provides. 

Compatibility With Above Roof Services

Aged tiled roofs can be porous and brittle, which can result in broken tiles and loosened tile capping mortar when people walk across them. 

With a correctly installed and supported COLORBOND® roof, you will improve your access to above roof services without having to worry about damaging your roof. In these situations, COLORBOND® roof replacement is the way to go for your peace of mind.

Improved Waterproofing

Recent changes to rainfall patterns in South Australia have produced greater rainfall in shorter periods. The amount of rainfall we now get in one night is equal to what we used to get in a month.

Pitched tiled roofs from the previous era are incapable of coping with the current rainfall volume. When we carry out roof inspections inside the ceiling space of these roofs, we discover damp insulation batts, under-tile salt staining, and wet timber tile battens and rafters. 

Additionally, we are seeing modern engineering for new tiled homes now include increased roof pitches and compulsory sisalation – which proves that previous roof construction practices are no longer enough for today’s conditions.

With a unique design that enables easy water runoff and a five-layer protection system, COLORBOND® roofs are noted for their waterproofing capabilities. As such, undertaking a roof replacement from tile to COLORBOND® will give you greater protection from the elements and keep your ceiling cavity dry.

Greater Climate Control

When you replace your tiled roof with COLORBOND®, we can give you additional roofing options such as thermal roof insulation, infrared colour technology, and solar vents with adjustable thermostats. 

Using the right combination of these products to suit your home can give you greater climate control by reducing energy costs and creating a drier home climate.

Enhanced Affordability

Installing a new COLORBOND® roof is typically the most affordable choice when it comes to replacing your existing tiled roof, especially if you need to work with your current roof frame.

Most old roof frames will not meet current building codes for modern roof tile installations. This is because most modern roof tiles have a minimum pitch requirement of 22.5 degrees for installation and are quite often heavier than older roof tiles. Conventional rafter framing tends to be undersized, which may require a full roof frame replacement to cater for modern tile sizes.

Conversely, most cases of replacing roof tiles with COLORBOND® simply require some tightening, straightening and uplift bracketing tie down strapping of the existing roof frame. As such, the cost difference of a COLORBOND® roof replacement versus a modern tiled roof can be as much as half the price depending on your roof.

Contact with asbestos can pose long-term health risks. Our experts can safely remove your old asbestos roof sheeting completely and replace it with BlueScope Steel roofing products to ensure your new roof meets Australian standards.

We conduct asbestos testing and work closely with our licensed asbestos contractor for stringent compliance with the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice.

Brands We Use

Why Choose Ultimate Roofing and Guttering for Your Roof Replacement?

Certified and Professional

Our team is fully licensed and insured. We have numerous 5-star reviews on our speed, communication, and professionalism. We even offer a 10-year workmanship warranty to make sure the job is done to last.

High-Quality Materials

We only use genuine materials like BlueScope Steel Zincalume, genuine COLORBOND®, Ultra COLORBOND® and Galvanised materials.

Upfront, Fixed Pricing

Our team will conduct a full inspection of your roof and provide a fixed pricing quote up-front, with no surprises guaranteed.

Competitive Rates

We are one of Adelaide’s best-priced roofing companies and can propose flexible solutions to work with your budget.

Family-Owned and Run

We take pride in our work and endeavour to provide an honest and professional service.


Renae Dickeson
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“The team from Ultimate Roofing and Guttering have done a fantastic job on our new roof from start to finish. They have been a pleasure to deal with and no issue has been too big for them. We highly recommend them to all our family and friends..”
Carol Gannon
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“The team at Ultimate Roofing were great. Harrison and Jason did a very good job replacing our old roof. They did it quickly and have high standards of workmanship. Nikki made sure the administrative side ran smoothly. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The quote was very competitive and included replacing guttering, barge boards and skylights. Would highly recommend if you need a new roof in Adelaide!”
Mike Dal
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“Jason and Nikki were very professional and courteous throughout and a pleasure to deal with. There was a very high level of care in the quality of the roofing work, and it shows. Roofers were very accommodating and hard-working. Highly recommend.”

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