Corrugated Iron Roofing

Ultimate Roofing and Guttering specialize in the installation of corrugated iron roof sheeting and wall cladding.

Corrugated roof sheeting comes in a variety of BlueScope Steel products and gauges such as BlueScope Steel COLORBOND®, BlueScope Steel Zincalume, BlueScope Steel Ultra, BlueScope Steel Stainless Steel, BlueScope Steel Matt COLORBOND® Heritage Galv and standard galv. It can range in a variety of thicknesses from a standard gauge of .42 to a heavy gauge of .48 and a .6 curving gauge for bullnose/concave verandahs and curved roofing.

Ultimate Roofing and Guttering firmly believe that BlueScope Steel products are second to none and we refuse to install anything less.
We are a proud and recognized BlueScope Steel installer.

Re-roof with Corrugated Iron Roofing

Our suppliers provide a range of corrugated depths ranging from 16mm shallow corrugated to 21-22mm deep corrugated all the way to 33-35mm deep corrugated. Different depths of corrugated for different applications-we install them all.

Ultimate Roofing and Guttering recommend if you have a house 40 years or older that has a worn tiled roof that can not be restored, that you look at re-roofing to corrugated iron. The positives to re-roofing to corrugated iron from a tiled roof is that it lightens the load on the old roof frame along with good ventilation it can control mould and mildew.

Corrugated Iron Roof and Sheet Installation

Our installation methods from transferring your roof from a tiled roof to a new corrugated roof is that we install new purlins to the existing roof frame to screw the corrugated roof sheeting to. We prefer to install 90mm x 45mm structural pine timber purlins as this is a stronger material and fixing point. Some applications call for 40mm metal roof battens which help to straighten curves and dips in the old roof frame. We only use the application as it is not as strong as timber purlins.

Whilst converting from tiled to an iron roof lightening the roof load it creates greater uplift to the existing roof frame and sometimes requires extra strapping and bracing, this inspection is carried out on every roof Ultimate Roofing and Guttering work on.
These procedures must be undertaken before the installation of a selected corrugated iron roof sheeting.

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Our staff will assist you in your decision making process. Contact Ultimate Roofing & Guttering for details on Corrugated Roofing.