TrueOak corrugatedThe TRUE OAK 21mm Deep ColorBond corrugated profile is a profile designed and supplied by Revolution Roofing as their standard corrugated profile roof sheeting. Revolution Roofing designed this corrugated product at a 21mm depth to create a strengthened roof sheeting with deep curves using a standard .42 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond. The .42 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond is a standard corrugated gauge used mainly in the domestic housing market and often supplied in 16mm shallow corrugated profile. The problem with the 16mm shallow corrugated profile is the .42 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond is that inexperienced home owners or trades man who walk on the roof can easily cause damage to the roof sheeting. The TRUE OAK Deep 21mm ColorBond is a good answer for this as the depth of the curves create a strengthened corrugated which helps minimize foot traffic damage to the roof.

Colorbond corrugated Roofing

true oak deep 21 corrugatedAppearance wise this might not be to everyone’s taste as the TRUE OAK Deep 21mm ColorBond is a very pronounced corrugated roof sheeting compared to the standard 16mm shallow profile which has more of a subtle appearance. If you prefer the more subtle appearance of the standard 16mm shallow corrugated profile and you would also like the strength in the corrugated iron that the 21mm offers, you can beef up the gauge to a .48 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond to create the strength that you’re looking for. The life expectancy will increase using the .48 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond, which is a positive.

You can also beef up the TRUE OAK Deep 21mm ColorBond using a .48 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond which also gives you the longer life expectancy and is even stronger than the standard .42 gauge BlueScope Steel ColorBond.

Choosing the Correct Corrugated Roofing Depth

In Ultimate Roofing and Guttering’s opinion both corrugated depths have their uses, it all comes down to your home, the style of the house, the distances of your existing roof purlins-as this creates a huge roll in the strength of you roof sheeting-and personal preference to the subtle corrugated or the pronounced corrugated looks.

Our trained staff are here to help assist you in your decision making with what suits your home and needs. So Contact Ultimate Roofing & Guttering for more details.

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