Roof Restoration Repairs and Roof Painting Adelaide

Roof Restoration is a cost effective solution to extending the longevity of your roof and enhancing the aesthetics of your home without breaking the budget. Ultimate Roofing and Guttering Roof Restoration procedures for iron and concrete tile roof painting include the following:

Roofing and Guttering Roof Restoration procedure

Repair the roof:

  • For concrete tiled roofs, this can include replacing defective tiles, rusted metal valleys, deteriorated lead work and metal flashings and faulty skylights
  • For iron roofs, this can include replacing faulty iron sheets, flashings and cappings, remove any loose nails and replace with roof screws, remove cracked silicone and reseal with roof and gutter silicone.

Pressure clean – for concrete tile and iron roofs:

Remove all downpipes that are connected into stormwater or rainwater tanks. Pressure cleaning is a vital step of roof restoration and roof painting to ensure that the roof is cleaned of any dirt and debris so that the primer and paint will adhere to your roof surface.

Ridge capping – concrete tiled roofs only

We now turn our attention to the sand and cement bedding mixture of the ridge caps to make sure they are intact. We re-bed ridge capping where necessary and do a complete paint over the new and existing sand and cement mixture using a flexible painting compound to prevent any further dislodgement of roof cappings.

Mould rid – for concrete tile and iron roofs

Mould rid is an option we provide but is not necessary on all roofs. This is a preventative for mould and moss.

Primer – for concrete tile and iron roofs

Now we apply the appropriate primer bond depending on the roof surface, whether it is iron or concrete tiled surface.

Paint membrane

We apply two coats of your colour choice from the colour range applicable to the paint system.

We also provide general maintenance on roofs that have terracotta tiles, as it is not recommended to paint this surface.

Roof Painting

With our roof painting and restorations, we use your choice of the Acryloc Roof Membrane systems or the Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane systems. They both come with a choice of standard roof membrane or the advanced InfraCool system or the ReflectaCOAT system which offer heat reflective technology.

Watch the Video – Before and After Roof painting


Our qualified tradesman will visit your site and complete a thorough inspection of your roof. Then, they will discuss your options with you, providing the right solution to meet your needs and budget. Ultimate Roofing & Guttering have over 20 years experience performing Roof Restorations and Guttering in Adelaide.


If you have any Roof Repair or Restoration enquiries please contact us. One of our highly qualified and experienced staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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