When you begin to plan home renovations, you may start with the fun projects like planting a garden, choosing bold decor or installing chic window treatments. While your siding, roofing and gutters may not represent the most inspiring renovation prospects, they do represent some of the most important.

Whether you decide to invest in a new home gutter system because your current gutters have become damaged or because your home’s aesthetics need a lift, you’re making an important decision. The right gutters complement your home, but they also protect it.

In this blog, we cover the three main factors to consider when buying new gutters.

1. Appearance

No matter why you need a new gutter system, you want the end result to improve the appearance of your house.

You may not immediately think about gutter colour, but this single factor can determine whether or not your gutters look like they belong on your home. You have three main options for gutter colour:

  • Bold: High-quality gutters can create a visual frame around the edge of your roof. If you want a bold statement, consider copper gutters or another statement colour.
  • Complementary: In some cases, you may not find the exact colour of your roof or siding and not want your gutters to stand out. Choose a neutral colour like beige, tan or white instead.
  • Identical: If you have siding or roofing that you love the look of, opt for a gutter system in that same colour. This choice is easier if you buy your gutters from the same supplier or manufacturer as your roof or siding.

Regardless of what colour you choose, you should also consider the material under the paint or finish, as that foundation determines what your gutters will look like as they age.

2. Design

Gutters come in a variety of design types to ensure they work with many different types of home architecture. Talk to a gutter expert about the following design elements:

  • Size: Some gutters have deeper or wider troughs to accommodate more rainfall or to ensure debris doesn’t clog the system. Talk to a local guttering professional to determine how large your gutters should be to handle seasonal precipitation.
  • System type: Your gutter supplier may offer seamless systems, custom systems and covered systems. The system type you choose can factor into the cost of your renovation, as well as the gutters’ efficiency and lifespan.

The right design choices ensure that your gutters last as long as possible and protect your home efficiently.

3. Installation

Finally, you must decide whether or not to hire a contractor to install your gutters. Typically, it’s wise to rely on a professional’s expertise if you have no experience with this kind of renovation and do not feel completely confident that you can complete it.

You should also call in a professional if you:

  • Choose a custom system, which may require different installation practices than standard systems.
    If you choose a custom system, make sure the contractor who designed it performs the installation.
  • Do not have the required equipment on hand. You’ll need more than a ladder to install gutters. If you decide to install a system yourself, ensure you have all the equipment required.
  • Do not know how to securely attach gutters to your home’s exterior. Different gutter materials and exterior materials require certain fastener types and techniques.

Correct installation plays a vital role in the performance of your gutter system. To work properly, the gutter angle, placement and fastening must all suit your home’s needs.

Whether or not you choose to have a professional install your gutters, work with a roofing and guttering expert in Adelaide as you decide on appearance and system design. Even a single consultation can steer you away from an inadequate system.

For more information about updating and caring for your gutters or roof, read our other blog posts.

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